Our go-to Instant Pot recipes

OK, so ... last year my Christmakkah present was an Instant Pot. We already had a stovetop pressure cooker that Judah used a ton, but it made me nervous and I didn't use it much. We weren't sure how much use the IP would actually get, but it turns out that we love it. We've used it at least once a week since last November, and often multiple times a day.

Some basics: Easy hard-boiled eggs. Easy overnight steel-cut oats. Every stew that usually tastes better the next day tastes good immediately because pressure. Also, I highly recommend the Facebook community Instant Pot Recipes. It's run by my cousin-in-law Coco Morante, who also has a killer book on the topic that we gifted to several people this year. It's so good. 

So after a year with the Instant Pot, here are some faves:

  • Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pork. Yes. Make this.It’s like three ingredients, a couple of hours, and the payoff is fantastic. (Paleo and Whole30 compliant, if that's your thing.)

  • Judah made this Texas-Style Chili con Carne recipe from Serious Eats in the pressure cooker. It. Was. Fabulous. Highly recommend. The hardest part was finding all those chiles at the store. We need to make this again stat.

  • Judah has made of Nom Nom Paleo Bo Kho (though he used chuck instead of short ribs): Another good one.

  • Pulled Pork Adobo from Coco's cookbook is amazing. Not linked, but in the book, the Plum Chile Chicken is also fab.

  • Chicken Bacon Lentil Stew: A fave recent lentil stew recipe.

  • Hasselback Pork Roast from hippressurecooking.com: It's been awhile, but this needs to happen again.

  • Nom Nom Paleo's Braised Kale and Carrots: We have converted numerous people to kale with this recipe. Judah has also made it into a main dish by adding diced smoked chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. 

  • Shredded Italian Beef: Amazing in sandwiches or just as a main dish.

  • Serious Eats' Chicken Chile Verde: Easy. Good. Yes.

  • Butter Chicken: We skipped the almonds and cilantro and added tamarind. This disappeared in minutes.

  • Salsa chicken: Some chicken, a jar of salsa, seal, cook at high pressure 12ish minutes, vent, shred. Eat on sandwiches, atop baked potatoes, on nachos, on salad, by itself. Easy and good.

I'll add more as they come to mind and/or we experiment more!

Some other resources:

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