West Coast Electric Highway keeps Oregonians moving

A story and video for the Oregon Department of Transportation’s external blog about the statewide fast-charger network for electric vehicles. (Dec. 13, 2018)

Hitting the greens: Mission Street Signal Project

A story and video about a complex transportation signal controller project for ODOT’s blog. (Oct. 2, 2018)

Tattoo safety in Oregon: A review of rules and regulations

This video, created for Oregon’s Board of Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners and the Health Licensing Office with Allied Video, is a comprehensive review of statutes and administrative rules for tattoo artists and facilities. (December 2016)

Tattoo safety in Oregon: Choosing a facility

This is a shorter version of the tattoo safety video, oriented to the consumer perspective and giving tips for choosing a tattoo facility and artist. (December 2016)


After a deployment, a Marine meets his match

A personal essay on the front page of The Baltimore Sun detailing my experiences having my second child while my husband, a sergeant in the USMC, was in Afghanistan. (The Baltimore Sun, July 1, 2012)

Brewing the next great beer town

A profile of Santiam Brewing in Salem. (Built Oregon, Dec. 7, 2014)

A turn for the better

A business profile of Rolf Prima, which makes specialty bike wheels in Eugene. (Built Oregon, Dec. 7, 2014)

Following a winding — and not terribly smooth — path

A business profile of Burley, known mostly for its child bicycle trailers and being a worker cooperative. (Built Oregon, Dec. 7, 2014)

Pack a lunch

A story about school-lunch ideas for busy parents, based on interviews of local parents and cookbook authors (The Oregonian, Sept. 25, 2013

Inventive food creations attract crowds at the Oregon State Fair

Checking in on the latest food offerings at the state fair (The Oregonian, Aug, 26, 2013

Daughter becomes partner in family dairy

A profile on Bobbi Frost, a 25-year-old dairy farmer in Creswell (Capital Press, June 9, 2014)


A look at Oriole star Adam Jones' photos of food on his Instagram feed and how his fuel might be affecting his play for the food section (The Baltimore Sun, Oct. 3, 2012

Comfort in the letters

A personal essay about the experience of two married tech geeks reduced to writing each other letters when one was at boot camp in Parris Island (The Baltimore Sun, Nov. 6, 2005)

A summer song says, spoof me maybe

An irreverent look at 2012's insidious hit "Call Me Maybe" and the parodies it inspired (The Baltimore Sun, July 9, 2012)

What's in Store: Ellicott City

A round-up of home-goods shopping in a historic Maryland town (The Baltimore Sun, June 19, 2010

After all of these months, Baby, I get a kick out of you

A personal essay about expectant motherhood that ran as a collection of essays for Mother's Day (The Baltimore Sun, May 11, 2008

Spending sweet hours with Grandmommy

A personal essay about memories of my grandmother, many of them related to my sweet tooth (The Baltimore Sun, April 25, 2007





Hugging my kids, looking for answers, finding none

A family blog post about my initial, visceral reactions to the school shootings in Newtown, Conn. (The Baltimore Sun Homefront blog, Dec. 17, 2012)

Superstitious sports fans have nothing on sleep-deprived parents

I thought Orioles fans were taking superstitions to a crazy level -- until my baby slept through the night for the first time in ages. (The Baltimore Sun Homefront blog, Oct. 5, 2012)

I confess I once used my preschooler to rickroll my husband

In which my husband and I teach our older son song lyrics to play jokes on each other. (The Baltimore Sun Homefront blog, Aug. 18, 2012)

Why did it have to be Beyonce?

A family blog post about being pregnant at the same time as Beyonce -- and not getting my pre-baby body back on even remotely the same time frame. (The Baltimore Sun Homefront blog, May 30, 2012)

Time magazine's breast-feeding cover causes a stir

A family blog post about a controversial Time magazine cover (The Baltimore Sun Homefront blog, May 10, 2012)